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Your symptoms are not specific, they can occur in almost any disease of the digestive system. Everything should be discussed with your doctor. Causes, symptoms and treatment of biliary dyskinesia. Biliary dyskinesia is a common disease that affects 30 out of 100 people. Accurate statistics are not available, since not all patients seek medical help. Self-treatment is fraught with negative consequences, because the symptoms and treatment of biliary dysfunction are individual for a particular case. The diagnosis of JVP is voiced by the doctor when the patient's body has a malfunction in the bile ducts. Violations occur in the functioning of the organ itself, which entails biliary stasis or excessive secretion of bile.

JVP is considered a warning and not a separate manifestation. The disease may indicate the presence of cholelithiasis, the development of pancreatitis and other pathological conditions. Causes and mechanisms of development. Causes of biliary dyskinesia of the primary syndrome. Psycho-emotional background. Stressful situations, nervous tension, experiences, disorders lead to dysfunction of the sphincters of the gallbladder. Allergic manifestations in a chronic form. Allergens present in the body irritate the sphincters and lead to buy etoricoxib online.

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Rare meals, periodic fasting diets, non-compliance with the rules of a healthy diet, frequent consumption of junk food, overeating lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction and disturbances in the production of hormones and enzymes for digestion.

Biliary dyskinesia is considered a common pathology that develops and progresses for a variety of reasons. Hypotonic or hypomotor dyskinesia. Pathology is characterized by a decrease in the tone of the organ itself and the biliary tract. Hypertensive or hypermotor dyskinesia. The contractile function of the bladder in this case is increased. Mixed dyskinesia.

The disease is characterized by the presence of pain of colicky genesis, a change in the activity of the organ and biliary tract. At the time of bile reflux in hypomotor dyskinesia, weakly contracting pathways lead to order etoricoxib online. Therefore, with JVP of the hypotonic type, an insufficient amount of bile is involved during digestion. Food is not digested and not fully absorbed.

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Often hypokinetic dyskinesia develops at the age of 35-45 years. The causes of arcoxia are nervous disorders, stress. With pathology, the patient feels a pain effect that extends to the scapula and back on the right side. The pain continues for several days. During the hypertonic type of JVP, the bile fluid is injected too quickly into the digestive system, which also negatively affects digestion. The patient feels a sudden pain syndrome of colic genesis. The pressure in the organ itself increases, which provokes a spasm of the sphincters of the gallbladder.

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Hyperkinesia of the gallbladder develops in people over the age of 30, as well as children and adolescents.

The duration of the pain effect is 20-30 minutes. Colic is triggered by eating food or prolonged lying down (sleep time). The causes of dyskinesia subdivide JVP into the following types. Primary. Pathology is associated with congenital anomalies in the structure of the bile ducts (constrictions, bends, the presence of a septum inside the bladder, twice the number of ducts). Secondary. The disease is acquired during life and becomes a consequence of diseases of the digestive tract.

Symptoms of dyskinesia depending on the type of pathology dyskinesia of the hypotonic type dyskinesia of arcoxia pills type aching and dull pain directed to the region of the right scapula and hypochondrium colicky pains belching that occurs after eating nausea vomiting with bile vomiting that appears only during an attack flatulence, bloating sleep disturbance taste of bitterness in the mouth, noticeable after eating and on an empty stomach in the morning fatigue obesity weight loss loss of appetite lack of appetite increased sweating increased blood pressure increased secretion of the salivary glands (hypersalivation) irritability bradycardia tachycardia constipation diarrhea plaque on the tongue of a white or yellowish hue, yellowness of the skin covers.

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Suzanne Morgan BSN RN